Boosting Carnosine Levels dosn’t just look good on paper

Boosting carnosine levels with beta-alanine doesn’t just sound good in theory or look good on paper; it works, and has been shown in numerous human studies to increase strength,muscular endurance and muscle mass. A recent study even showed that beta-alanine could increase aerobic endurance and decrease body fat percentage. Since creatine, never has a substance so versatile and powerful graced the sports nutrition industry. It has been over a dozen years since creatine made its splash but now something has finally come along that shows great promise, just as creatine did in its early stages.

How do we know beta-alanine is actually increasing carnosine levels?

Researchers have proven it by actually taking muscle biopsies (using a hollow needle to remove a small sample of muscle tissue) prior to the study and at various time points throughout the study. What they found is that beta-alanine does, in fact, effectively and significantly increases carnosine concentrations in the range of 42-80%, depending on the dosing and duration of the study.