Does Beta-Alanine have synergy with creatine?

A common question is, does Beta-Alanine have synergy with creatine?

While it may seem probable for a variety of reasons why Beta-Alanine and creatine would have synergy and maybe future research will show they do. As of now, the performance studies show they do NOT have synergistic effects.

Regardless of synergy, taking Beta-Alanine with creatine seems like a great stack, from a strength/power/lean muscle standpoint.

The performance studies that use Beta-Alanine,creatine(BA+C), have basically shown that when BA is taken with C, they are better together than either alone. This leads people to believe there is synergy between the two, but it’s not that simple, nor is it accurate to say this.

While it is true the two taken together on MOST performance tests are going to be more effective than either one taken alone, but the research does not support a synergistic effect when they are taken together.

For example, beta-alanine increases performance to a certain level, we can use 1% as an arbitrary number and creatine increases performance by 1% on its own, also arbitrary. When they are taken together their respective performance improves to the same degree as each one does when taken alone, giving us a 2% increase.

If they were shown to work synergistically when combined, their overall performance increase would be greater than greater then 2%. If they were synergistic, the sum of the two when combined, would be greater than either ingredients individual value. So far the performance research is not showing this to be case and study after study is stating NO synergistic effects between the two.
Creatine does work within a limited pH range, so one would think beta-alanine by helping maintain optimal pH would enhance creatine, but this has not paned out in the research as of yet.

Regardless of synergy, they do work differently and still compliment each other very well.