Other potential ways beta-alanine, may impact performance:

The performance studies on beta-alanine at this point are specific to its ability to increase carnosine levels and increased carnosine levels benefits on buffering the rise in H+ concentrations and the subsequent drop in muscle pH and muscular performance. While this mechanism of action is currently the most research supported, there are quite a few other roles of carnosine, that non exercise performance studies supports that may also have potential use in impacting exercise performance. Some of these mechanism are related again to carnosine’s effects on muscular pH, while others are working independently of carnosine’s pH stabilizing effects.

Other potential ways Beta-Alanine, through boosting carnosine levels may impact performance:

1. Quenching intracellular free radicals and their connection to cellular fatigue i.e. potentially interfering with calcium uptake necessary for musclular contraction process.

2. Regulation/activation of Ca2+ from the sarcoplasmic reticulum(SR) crucial to the muscular contraction process and also ties in with the potential synergy of carnsoine and caffeine.

3. An enzyme regulator and activator within the various energy systems.

4. Decreases in pH interfering with ATP production and myosin-actin affinity (contractile components of muscle fibers).

5. Carnosine’s connection with NOS/vasodilatation.